Choosing a Professional Hood Cleaning Service for Your Restaurant

Routine cleaning of your kitchen exhaust system is a crucial part of keeping your cooking operation safe and efficient. Ensuring the duct system and hood filters are free from excessive grease buildup is also required by the law, as stated in Standard 96 of the National Fire Protection Association. Simple hood filter cleaning techniques are not enough to remove grease from ductwork or fans, and according to government regulations, cleaning must be done by trained professionals.

As a restaurant manager or owner, what are the things you should consider when choosing a hood cleaning service from

First, select a cleaning company that strictly complies with the NFPA 96 standards. This makes sure that your operation is following the fire code compliant and is therefore safe. Whether you've already picked a hood cleaning company or you have only begun your search, here are the things you should expect from them:

> Kitchen appliances and equipment should be be wrapped in plastic while the cleaning is ongoing.

> The head technician should explain to the owner or manager each step of the cleaning process.

> Service stickers have to be added to hoods to show when the cleaning was performed, the name of the restaurant hood cleaning san jose service provider, the names of technicians, and any areas that were not cleaned

> Degreasing foam and power washing must be included in the process.

> The cleaning company must provide photographs of the whole system for evaluation by the restaurant owner or manager, including any challenges or deficiencies found.

There are several hood cleaning companies available today. As the owner or manager, it's up to you to make a wise decision so that you can maintain safe and code-compliant operations.

The best way to review a hood cleaning company is to ask certain questions regarding their process - be sure that it is as exhaustive as possible, and they are going to provide photographs, as well as a comprehensive report of their work. Moreover, choose a cleaning company which is insured, both with worker's compensation and liability coverage. This is to ensure that you are spared from financial responsibility, in case one of the workers gets injured while working in your premises, or any part of your equipment and other related systems are damaged accidentally while the job is ongoing.

If you keep your hood ventilation system well-maintained, will dramatically minimize the risk of fire in your restaurant, and this will boost your equipment's longevity. Deciding to hire a professional hood cleaning service will not only ensure that you are meeting NFPA standards; it also works for the betterment of your entire operation. You may as well read more at